Inflatables are usually fine in the snow. If there is a lot of accumulation sticking to them then we suggest shaking them off. If there is enough snow on the inflatable that it won’t inflate then please brush off the snow to allow it to inflate. If the snow is too heavy and the inflatable isn’t able to stand up then please pull the main plug and let us know so we can reset it.

Please contact us.

Contact us and we can check the availability. If they aren’t booked then you can keep them and we will just send you an extended date contract.

We handle the Set-up of the inflatables and timers and come and take them down. Timers, extension cords, inflatables, stakes.
Just access to an electrical outlet.
Send us a request and we will see if we are able to accommodate.
Send us a request and we can see if we can accommodate. This may include us ordering inflatables so the earlier you request the better!
Yes, there is a small charge to set up your personal inflatables in addition to our package. You will have to sign a waiver that we are not responsible for the maintenance of the inflatable though.
Storage, drying, maintenance, you won’t have to deal with setting up extension cords, timers or anchoring the inflatables. Best of all, you can pick new inflatables to display each year.
It depends on the package that was chosen but our efficient process keeps getting faster.
No, we will set-up a timer to your specifications so the inflatables automatically turn on and off.
We will send out the estimated schedule the day before installation.
The inflatables are staked down into the ground so they should be fine in most wind. If you see them starting to lift off the ground (very rare) please pull the main plug and let us know so we can reset them.
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Attention! Before proceeding with your rental order, please read and acknowledge the following terms:
  • I will ensure that my sprinklers are turned off during the rental period.
  • I will refrain from moving the inflatables from their delivery location.
  • If I require the inflatables to be moved earlier than scheduled, I will notify Yardables via text or email.
Failure to comply with these terms may result in additional charges for any damages incurred. Thank you for your cooperation.