Yardables™ Refund and Cancellation Policy

Payment is due at the time of booking.

Mileage Charges. We provide free delivery to areas within 10 miles of Firestone CO. We charge per mile over that.

Cancellation. In the event that you need to cancel your order you may due so until 72 hours before delivery. If you must cancel within 72 hours of your delivery then we reserve the right to refund ½ of your payment.

Inclement Weather. We may not be able to deliver and set-up your order in the event of hazardous weather. Hazardous weather includes but is not limited to lightning, heavy winds and heavy snow. We will deliver as soon as the weather gets better or provide a full refund.

Refund Policy. We will not provide a refund if the owner of the property requests that they are removed (in the event that someone other than the owner rented them for the property).

Included in the price. Delivery, set-up and take-down of the inflatables and any extension cords and timers that are needed.

Communications. You consent to receive communications from us, including: email, mail, text messages and calls.

Inflatable Placement Our inflatables are placed in your yard based on outlet availability and best viewing area, unless otherwise specified.

Use of Products. You agree to treat the products reasonable and solely for their intended purpose. These are decorations and should be used as a visual decoration only. You are solely responsible for loss, destruction or any other damage beyond wear and tear. If any product is damaged beyond normal wear and tear upon pickup, then you agree that we will charge you, and you will pay for the price of repairing or replacing the product.

Return of the Products. You agree to return the products on the agreed upon pick-up day. You may extend your order if the product(s) are available and you have contacted us before the pick-up date about it. Extensions must be agreed upon and paid for before the original pick-up date. 

Damage. We place the inflatables with stakes in your lawn. Inflatables are placed on the grass for the duration of the rental. We are not liable for any grass damage.

Sign. You agree to have an advertising sign with our company information in your yard with the inflatables.

Yard work. No mowing or landscape work while the inflatables are installed. 

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Attention! Before proceeding with your rental order, please read and acknowledge the following terms:
  • I will ensure that my sprinklers are turned off during the rental period.
  • I will refrain from moving the inflatables from their delivery location.
  • If I require the inflatables to be moved earlier than scheduled, I will notify Yardables via text or email.
Failure to comply with these terms may result in additional charges for any damages incurred. Thank you for your cooperation.